Geometric Diva Bracelet

Stylish Swarovski crystal bracelets with a touch of geometric glamour. See all Geometric Diva Bracelet (1)

Chain Maille Ribbon Bracelet

An elegant bracelet made from Venus in Chains’ delicate Chain Maille Ribbon Pattern, using genuine Swarovski Crystal Rose Montees and lots of silver toned round jumprings. This pattern might be Venus in Chains’ most intricate yet with even more, even smaller jumprings! See all Chain Maille Ribbon Bracelet (1)

Egyptian Elegance Bracelet

Stylish Swarovski crystal bracelets with a touch of geometric glamour. See all Egyptian Elegance Bracelet (2)

Navette Petals Bracelet

Stunning Swarovski crystal navettes and a multitude of tiny jumprings combine to create a beautiful bracelet, perfect for a garden party or a day at the office. See all Navette Petals Bracelet (2)

Classic Maille Bracelet

An elegant bracelet, delicately constructed with genuine, vintage Swarovski navette rhinestones. See all Classic Maille Bracelet (2)

Rhombus Rumba Bracelet

Incredibly intricate bracelets with a dramatic burst of Swarovski Crystal sparkle. See all Rhombus Rumba Bracelet (4)

A Celebration Bracelet

A bold cuff bracelet handmade with genuine Swarovski Crystal flowers. See all A Celebration Bracelet (1)

Victorian Romance Bracelet

A delicate, romantic bracelet handmade using genuine Swarovski channel set round crystals and silver toned connectors. This bracelet measures just over 7 inches in length and is large enough to compete with today's bold "statement" jewelry without being clunky or imposing. Available in several beautiful colors, this lovely bracelet will add a little extra femininity to your look. See all Victorian Romance Bracelet (4)

Art Nouveau Bracelet

A bold bracelet with lovely Swarovski Crystals and a gorgeous clasp. The perfect finishing touch for any outfit. See all Art Nouveau Bracelet (3)

Chain Maille Flower Bracelet

This stunning bracelet is the perfect finishing touch for your next special occasion. Handmade with Venus in Chains’ unique Crystal Chain Maille Flower Pattern, this bracelet is elegantly woven with hundreds of genuine Swarovski Crystals. Available in many lovely colors, this bracelet will complement any outfit! See all Chain Maille Flower Bracelet (4)

Swarovski Crystal Brick Bracelet

Swarovski crystals and hundreds of tiny rings combine to create a beautiful mesh bracelet, perfect for any occasion. See all Swarovski Crystal Brick Bracelet (4)

Diamond Meadows Cuff Bracelet

A true statement piece, this gorgeous cuff bracelet was hand-woven using Venus in Chains’ unique Japanese Crystal Chain Maille Flat Weave. At over an inch and a half wide, this bracelet’s sparkling brilliance is sure to get you attention! Available in several brilliant colors! See all Diamond Meadows Cuff Bracelet (4)

Crystal Chain Maille Eternity Bracelets

Sometimes called “Slave Bracelets”, eternity bracelets are a unique form of jewelry in which a bracelet and ring are joined by rings or chain. Eternity bracelets are strongly associated with gothic, belly dancing, and harem subculture, but thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of outrageous pop performers, they have truly come into the mainstream. Designed with Venus in Chains’ unique Pyramid Pattern, eternity bracelets balances the strength of chain maille with the femininity of crystal. See all Crystal Chain Maille Eternity Bracelets (2)